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Breathing Evaluation

We can perform various tests to find out if a lung disorder is the cause of your health issue. These tests measure many aspects of the quality of your breathing to see if there are problems in your lungs and can indicate problems that may have been missed by imaging such as X-rays.

  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

    The Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) is a sensitive way of diagnosing shortness of breath and its cause. The test is non-invasive and is usually performed by affixing electrodes and pads - these are completely painless - to various parts of the patient's chest and having pedal a stationary bike.

    The electrodes measure both breathing and cardiac-function. A mouthpiece is used to measure respiratory functions including how much oxygen is consumed and how much carbon dioxide is produced. The patient keeps pedaling at an increasing rate and duration until they experience shortness of breath. The analysis of the test allows us to pinpoint the degree and exact source of shortness of breath, whether it's the heart, lung, or merely lack of exercise.

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  • Pulmonary Function Testing

    Pulmonary function testing (PLT) is a test to measure the lung capacity and its ability to absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide therefore determining the physiologic health or impairment of the lungs. The test is performed in the pulmonary function lab and is scheduled by our office. The patient takes a deep breath and exhales as forcefully as possible into a tube device that measures the lung volume and how restrictive or obstructed the airways are.

    pulmonary function test sleep and respiratory institute nj